KnowledgeLink™ provides your business with all of the tools necessary to create a better web presence, for an audience of any size. Whether you’re an organization looking to build a corporate intranet or training portal for collaboration and communications, or  a content provider looking to build a subscription-based business model around your content, KnowledgeLink™ has you covered!

With limitless design and media capabilities, public and private pages and user management with industry-leading unique tracking, KnowledgeLink™ offers a single platform to power your entire web presence. KnowledgeLink™ is a full-featured content management system where all of your content and user data is securely hosted by Edulence and supported by our team of technical and design specialists. With over 150,000 users across more than 700 financial services and broadcasting firms, KnowledgeLink™ has become the industry standard in content management and publishing for businesses.

KnowledgeLink™ features:

  • A hosted application that includes storage, distribution and maintenance.
  • A turn-key, subscription-based model.
  • Self-management of media, pages and users.
  • Dynamic styling and user experience per group.
  • Public and private site capabilities.
  • Real-time reporting available online and via web service or export.