Eyeblink is a program designed to make it easier for agents to quickly ramp up a website representing a unique DBA, whether agency or agent. Through a relationship with Edulence, your home office can point you towards an efficient website marketing solution, one that will help you create a stronger web presence to service clients and help you grow your business.

Available to agencies and agents, eyeblink is a secure and compliant web solution that offers:

  • A website with standardized templates, and compliant content on key pages. Your home office provides, refreshes, and updates this content for you, and ensures that this content remains compliant.
  • The ability to create or modify the content that resides on the About Us, Our Team, Strategies, and Contact Us pages. Please note that you will be responsible for keeping this information updated, and for coordinating and maintaining compliance approval for the pages where the new or modified content resides.
  • An administrative tool that allows you and your office staff to update and manage modified or created content upon compliance-approval.

Currently, we have programs available for the below carriers. If you are a part of one of these organizations and are interested in having your own website, please click on one of the buttons below, or contact us at info@edulence.com.

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If you would like to create a program for your company, please contact us at info@edulence.com. A sales representative will contact you.